Jay, a road-trip to Jongensfontein for the beautiful winter wonderland wedding!

With rain coming down in buckets and the wind howling, we were very excited to do this beach wedding, who is scared of a little bit of rain, right?

Sonè and Heine were both stoked and determined, rain or sunshine they were getting married on the beach. So they did!

The wind died down, they rain stopped for just long enough for the ceremony and photo session thereafter. And it was beautiful!

They finished the day of with celebrations at “3 Pikkewyne”, the local restaurant overlooking the sea.

A memorable day for sure!

Venue: http://driepikkewyne.co.za/menu.html

Ceremony: https://stilbaaitourism.co.za/listing/jongensfontein-caravan-park/

Bridal Guesthouse: https://waltersplace.co.za/

Photography: https://ruthandco.co.za/

Videography: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaebGq2-lXaQt413hB0cW9A